I don't just have squirrel moments, ( this is a 'nutty' post!)

     I am the squirrel whisper.
I can’t believe I’ve never written about this topic before, so I figured now should indeed be the time.  Especially after this mornings chain of events. By the way, it was way to early, and I hadnt even really had my first sip of Pepsi Cola for the day. 
Squirrel One: *scampers onto the backyard that is mine, our lawn, in search of nuts.*
Squirrel Two: *notices squirrel one, chases him magesticly down the tree and trying his hardest to keep up. Hey, you. I want to be a big boy squirrel and follow in your footsteps. I can do anything you can do better. Or so he thought.*
That is not blood from the squirrel that is red paint from yesterday see blog
     And that big *THOUGHT,* surely was a terrifying thought for the day, when he almost met his untimely demise, my mutt Sassy, really a mutt (we aren't sure what bread of dog she really is) and met my other white boxer, Roxy.

    Now before you get your furry tails in a twist, let me explain. On September 22nd, Roxy, our white boxer, found a baby squirrel, who has been living with us for well, since September 22nd. Aubrry wasn't hurt or injured but she was just a tiny baby. She was more in shock that anything. Roxy didn't do anything to her but try to play. We took Aubrry in, and let her be a part of our fur family. I nursed her to the big beautiful squirrel she is today. And today, Roxy knows who Aubrry is and loves her. We also took in two rescues, two  male squirrels, which they are going to be released. But we are keeping Aubrry. There is a little background there. the life of Aubrry!

So, while I thought the dogs, by now were used to our long furry tail friends, they are, just their pets, that live with us, not ones trying to chase each other down the tree! But now you see why we keep nuts out in our yard. Pecans mostly. The dogs have not had any other run ins with a squirrel, since September 22. Until this morning.

I understand that this comes across as a strange blog topic for many of you.  I have my vet that I have on speed dial. I have a few close acquaintances that have a squirrel pet as well. I have my answers I need quickly answered, but this morning. Not even my husband was around. I was luckily reading our blog along blogs and leaving comments and was outside enjoying this nice spring morning. When I heard the dogs chasing after this little baby squirrel.
see my facebook for videos
Remember, how I said no blood right? All they did was give this squirrel the morning he wont ever forget. He tried so hard to get away from the dogs, that when I pulled him out of the corner he nestled himself away in, was the only time he ever got bloody. I told his brother that was at the top of the tree to not worry. This little guy wasnt going to die on my watch. And he didn't! I went inside, got a towel, warmed him up, fed him some water and some formula, and after much convincing the squirrel that he was okay, back up the tree he went!

     So in a nutshell. None of you people know me yet, but by the end of this blog along blog posts, I hope you will. I swear I’m not crazy, I’m just a very… light-hearted writer, who likes rodents. And is a nut, and who can get very squirrely I can assure you’ll never be bored reading my posts.Moral of this story is, I warmed the squirrel, saved him, gave him milk, and water, and in the blue towel, I went to the tree, and he went back up to his buddy! I think God has a special place in heaven for those that cares for animals that can't take care of themselves. Worth a shot right? 



  1. Awesome story, thank you for taking care of the amazing critters! They are such a source of joy.

    1. They really are joyful! And joy warriors!!!! I couldn't imagine a day with out Gods creatures, big or small I once told my husband to swerve so he wouldn't hit a butterfly!

  2. Oh what a sweet post! Thank you it made me giggle and then be grateful you took care of that little creature!

    1. I was glad I was home to be able to put the dogs up and save the squirrel ♡


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