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The stories only this beach bag could tell..... day 6!!!!

This morning was getting nearer and nearer last night, as I went to sleep, and as I dozed off, I kept dreaming about this handmade beach bag of mine. I have had it since well before my teenage years. It has had some serious wear and tear. And if I keep this blog going, you will find out how much  I love going to the beach and being around the river or any particular body of water. Pools mainly. I will stick to the shallow end so I am not the sharks dinner! After all the ocean is the sharks dinner table, right?
     When you start to think about how many years you have owned something.... what comes to mind first? I have a stuffed animal cat, and this beach bag. Both are usually always included on trips we take ect. These items have no value, and oh the stories only they know. My beach bag, has never let me down. I have only let myself down when I forget it on a sudden trip to the beach. I usually store all of my swimsuits in it, and beach hats and towels, and scarves ect. you na…

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