I am not the OTHER WOMAN......

I have my OWN comfort zones....

I have my OWN wisdom...

I have my OWN VOICE!

and, most of all I am not afraid to use it, and or sugar coat or tell it like it is, because frankly the world is far too sheltered these days and needs to honestly hear it. Read it. See it. Feel it! And without being too, "other women..."

If you think I am the way that you think I am. You are wrong. I am only the way I think  am. And no, you can NOT change me! Whatever you think of me, please don't it be that I light up the room when I walk in, don't let it be, oh she's drunk again. LOL or don't let it be, oh what challenge is this nut doing next. I am doing all of this for me, and you are only a small part in who I am. So, you can take whatever you think, you thought I was, and throw it in the garbage can. Because you haven't seen nothing yet. I am only 35, and the best of me is yet to come <3

So, all of those blind spots you have about me, let them be that, blind spots. You only see what you want to see of me. I will still be smiling now, and forever, yesterday and today. You can't break me!

~Livvy 0 Not the Liv


  1. Great post.
    I tend to feel like I am competing with my mother of all people.
    I am trying to get out of her shadow, whether it is real or perceived only by me.
    I want people to see and recognize me for myself and not as her daughter.
    Hmmm I think I may have my April 1st topic lol. Thanks <3

    1. Indeed you just did come up with it!!! I'll read. I think we are all competing with something and we are all going to be compared. That's just how society is these days. I guess it's how we quiet the mind from the anxiety of who is better or what is coming after, is the biggest issue. I'll stick to writing for that release! ♡ I'm glad I could help you out!


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