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     Often the first thought when we start something, is trying to figure out how to finish that project. When, in reality we should be enjoying each step along the way. That is all part of being in the NOW, in the present moment. And with that, I give you my 100 day project! I have finally come to the conclusion of what I am going to do! 
     Effy Wild   once said, "FLING GLITTER IN THE TRENCHES!" And, that is how simple it was for my idea of just to take 100 different colors and fling them on a canvas. While I have been feeling a little out of sorts with recent health issues beyond my control. I need to be reminded, that while, I am feeling in the muck, I can say what the fuck and enjoy life as is. And still keep on smiling! This is my little ode to that. 
     Flinging paint on canvas. With no end set result in sight. I know some days, the urge to resist white space will be hard. Eventually the canvas will become full. Who knows, might need a few 16 by 20 canvases. But, this is my day one!
And my aim is to get the fuck out of the muck and fling the paint wildly, freely, and forcefully, on to the canvas and watch my art transform. I know, as easy as this concept sounds, no one is just flinging paint! Sounds simple enough, yeah? Want to join with me? This is my canvas. These are my new paint brushes. I will take pictures each day of my canvas. And  I will take pictures of my brushes as they get bold and beautiful with bright colors on them. At the end, they will really be the ones to show the muck I was in. They will be a treasure for me forever!
    And with that also being said, please track my journey on Instagram. Today I am starting with a color I only tend to use when I am angry or feeling a rather strong emotion. Just something red evokes for me. I will take my golden fluid crylic transparent quinacridone red bottle and set my canvas on fire with it's bright red vivacious color!!!! ( as seen on instagram! ) One fling. For 100 days, 100 different colors? Who knows. I have 100 shades of colors but maybe not all 100 different. Here it goes! Wish me luck! I will see ya on INSTAGRAM!



  1. Oh I love this idea. So one canvas, and then one color a day for the 100 days?
    Sounds awesome.

    1. Or maybe one art journal page. Tomorrow morning I'm starting my morning pages out by flinging orange on it! Just whatever whim I can come across for that day!

  2. Oh I'm looking forward to your paint flinging!
    You'll have a new follower on the gram soon!

    1. Thanks so much! It was either fling paint or mark making. Flinging paint seemed much more fun! Join me if you want!


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