There was a time before I was a housewife that I had lofty goals similar to those of many other college girls. I thought I wanted to make gobs of money, climb the ladder, and be somebody, as if I already wasn't somebody. But as I went along, I slowly found that the old traditional nest-making skills would bring me to actual satisfaction in my life ...

Yet, see look, another squirrel moment! 

Nestled in the smallest little town in our area, in Grandbay Alabama, where I desperately yearn for my own fancy patio! I want a patio deserving of bragging rights. One that might be featured on the better homes and gardens front cover. These are some of the goals, that I have had lately. I am nesting. As we have lived here for three years. And I feel that our back patio isn't homey enough. My husband and I both have goals of staying home more. 

When we moved in, I instantly was in love with the tin roof. Nothing more satisfying that sitting at my art room desk, on a rainy day, hearing rain fall on the tin roof. As it washes away all the pollen. This morning I found a shutter stock image of my idea, with goals in mind of how I want my patio to look for spring! Of all the rooms in the house, when he and I are together, this is the most used room. And it is OUTSIDE LOL We love hearing squirrels dance and prance on the tin roof, 3 of them will come visit me when they hear me on the phone with my mom. 

Future goals
When we first moved in, the first order of business was to add more concrete to the slab. It was as if they used to park a tiny car back under the patio before we moved in. Which also extended the patio at least by 5 foot. What has ended up on the patio is, very well used green patio furniture, a white wicker love seat that I was given when my grandmother passed, logs for our bon fires to burn the leavers and limbs down from the summer, an old chair we take camping with us, and a garbage can. Oh and TWO DOGS LIVE there. So, it's not like I can get too fancy with this project.

Something like this image would suite me just as well. As a writer, when it isn't raining, I would love to go out and write my morning pages outside on a patio where only female writers dream of sitting down and writing on. I already have twinkle lights up, I am thinking the picture here wouldn't be too hard to do it myself. I guess, if I had to ask any question today, how would you decorate your patio! I am giving myself a deadline, I want to have it done by May 1st. I really think I could do it with a 200 dollar budget? Yeah? Lets to do this! Hashtag patio goals!


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