This is my Day 5! And my cat used up one of her 9 lives! 9-5 = 4! Life with cats

Home is her making biscuits on me
the first Penny sighting in 3 days
 Cats are predictably unpredictable! Purrdictably of course! And nothing is impawwwsible or maybe it is, when you are a feline!
JUST WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE? Is the question of the week! And what an adventure litte, 24 toes, aka Penny Paws had! Let me start off by saying, she is a Hemmingway. Which means, one if not all of her paws, have an extra claw. Hers have an extra claw on each paw. She is known as the bread in which Earnest Hemmingway loved and rescued. So, each writer should have at least one. And rightfully so, I named her Penny after Earnest Hemmingway's penmanship. Most people probably think I named her after the Beatles song, Penny Lane, or Penny the band aid in my favorite movie, Almost Famous. Both would be okay answers with me, but it is just not so with this pawwwwticular Penny!
    The rest of the story, as told by, Penny:
Yesterday I had a special treat. I came home from being
Where she had been sleeping
gone and missing since Wednesday night at 9:10. My Dad went
kitty buffet

grocery shopping late to get my momma Dirty Rice. And came back late. Mom was taking a bath and dad carried in groceries, not shutting the door all the way, ajar he says, but just long enough for me to go explore. Mom is usually there telling him to shut the
My Mom. She is being a smother mother. But can't you feel how loved I am?
door. But this time she was actually shaving her fur off. I am sure she was left with the idea of. did I shave my fur off for this, when she realized I was missing. Mom is always so worried about us getting
Kitty flea bath. Mom didnt get a scratch
out. Mom wasn't there this time, my little Curious George instincts kicked in. I am normally a spoiled inside cat. This was my first time ever to go outside. My curiousity got the best of me. I was for sure thinking mom would let me in the house, after I tore the weather strip off the back door. But that didn't wake my mom up. It started raining so I went and hid under Mr Franks custom classic cars. They have these really nice covers on them. I was sheltered. I had food he put out for me. I also was able to play with my other neighbors cats, and eat their food as well. I didn't starve. I didn't even come home hungry. But boy, Momma got me in with tuna fish and wet kitty food. My dogs, that I normally can't stand, are my real heroes. They found me and caused quite a rukus. Good thing Mom was sitting outside and heard them. And heard me. I escaped to safety in Mommas kayak. I was all scared and shaken up from the dogs trying to kill me. Literally kill me! I ended up with a tiny scratch from them. I didn't get in any fights with the other cats for 2 days, but my own heroes scratched me once! That is when Momma saw me for the first time in three days. She had thought I was a gone girl!
Do I look brave, beautiful and a tiny bit reckless?  Oh, I hope so! In all of these pictures? I didn't mean to make my Momma cry. I just think now I will really need kitty XANIX during storms! As I was already terrified of them. I would meow up and down my hallway to tell Mom I knew storms were coming, and I needed her to protect me. She wasn't there to protect me at all. I felt so bad for her. When she found me, my eyes started to water, and I cried with her.
Today it is Sunday. I am home. I can finish my weekend to kick back a bit and just put my paws up and  relax with no strange smells, no wet cold ground, no other bossy cats. Just me and my Mom. I am so happy and am smiling because I am home safely with my Mom. My mom wants to thank everyone who reads this blogger for helping. She wasn't the same person for three days. I even let her give me a cat flea bath and hair dry me with warm heat. I didn't even scratch her once. 
This could have been my morning. So thankful God heard each one of our prayers ♡ Bert had made these and gotten painters tape to hang them up. Thankfully I'm sitting here drinking my Pepsi cola with her walking around my feet ♡ all 24 toes!

In closing of my blog for today's blog along, Meows, purrs, hugs and MOLs are greatly appreciated. Please no hissing, spitting or scratching unless you want one of us to whap you! And that will leave me smiling! As I am smiling with my Penny paws, all 24 of them, walking around my feet with her little meow!


  1. From one fur mama to another, I understand how you felt. My baby boy is an inside cat and he always wants to check out the big scary world. And sometimes, he makes it out the back door and then he freezes ....usually with that OMGIMOUTSIDE face. That's when we'll send the Doxy out to round him up and back into the house. I panic every time he does it.
    I am so glad your pretty Penny is back home and safe.

    1. Yessss! Our dogs are cat get insiders too. Usually if they are out they will chase the cat right back inside where they know they belong. That's cool you have a Doxy. We have a Roxy the Boxie!

  2. So its told, that She started her life a feral kitten, with her mother and litter mates surviving off whatever they could get at a restaurant on the causeway.
    Somebody rescued them, and took them to pet smart where she adopted us.


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